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Revolutionary New Shoe Device Proving to Be the Easiest Way to...


I have a story for you. There's no doubt in my mind, it's one you're familiar with. It may be your story.
I have been experiencing pain in the arches of my feet for over 8 years. Different podiatrists, different insoles, night splints, cortisone shots. I've tried them all. Bouncing from one suggestion to another. 

Sometimes there were occasional occurrences of relief. Other times it felt like a wrench was being driven into my heel. I'd try another podiatrist or comfort shoe store and their $400 custom insoles which would supposedly be much different than the previous doctor who supposedly had it all wrong. The cortisone shots only provided temporary relief, in addition to icing, stretching, rolling my feet on a golf ball. Getting through my day with all of this pain was beginning to feel near-impossibl
Getting Through My Day With All Of This Pain Was Beginning To Feel Near-Impossible.
The stretches and icing, rolling the feet would start to give me relief here and there, yet it never seemed to go all the way away. I then started taking magnesium, and drinking more water and eating a healthier diet - less sugars, more veggies. I joined a plantar fasciitis support group and tried all sort of ideas. Soaking my feet in epsom salt, filling a big plastic tub with sand and walking barefoot in the sand. My feet were starting to feel better for longer periods of time. It was enough to fill me with absolute certainty that I was close. I always had this sense that I was missing something important, and it was so close, but just out of reach. So I kept going. And going...

Until, eventually, I gave up.

For years and years, always so close, but never quite healing completely, became too much. I knew it was possible to heal, because others I spoke with had been able to. But I couldn't crack the code for myself.

Until one day... I tried one more time, and bought an insole from a random Kickstarter Campaign. 

I waited 3 months for the
insoles to arrive, but it didn’t bother me much. I'd already been in pain for 8 years. So months seemed meaningless... until they arrived!


After placing a pair into my sandals and slippers - I realized I had been slightly cheating in my attempts to heal.
Although I had expensive custom orthotics, since they only fit into my bulkier tennis shoes, I would wear them most of the time...but not all the time. Occasionally, especially if my feet were feeling better than usual, I would wear my slippers, throw on my favorite flip flops, or dress in my pumps or flats for work - of course these shoes had no support.

It hit me...I had been on the right path to healing, I just didn’t have the right tool / the right last puzzle piece to finish the picture.

I figured out that my plantar fascia was almost healed many times. Just when it was about to be cleared up, I would thoughtlessly walk barefoot or wear flat shoes and in one instant, because the scar tissue was not strong enough, the tissue would keep re-tearing in the same places. 
Before this newest micro-sized insole I'd always thought I was giving orthotics a real try by wearing them most of the time. It just seemed impossible to wear bulky tennis shoes all the time. Now that I could move this little insole into all of my shoes, after a few weeks, my feet started feeling good.

feeling good monique.jpg

More important, I never felt so absolutely energetic to get out of the house and walk everywhere. The new insole filled that gap in the middle of my foot right up and took so much pressure off of my heels. I continued doing my stretches, rolling my foot on the golf ball, soaking my feet in epsom salt, and walking barefoot only on sand. I ate healthy, it had become normal to me, drank lots of water, took my vitamins. From the time I got out of bed to the time I laid back down, I wore support in my shoes.

I stuck to this routine for 5 months.

My feet just feel stronger now. They have finally had a chance to fully heal. So now, at this point I can be found occasionally walking barefoot in the house and throwing on a pair of cheap sandals at the pool, but my feet are still good. I definitely wear my insoles when I’m going to be standing long hours at work, standing on the tile floor in my kitchen while cooking, running a 5K etc. Yes, did you read that?! RUNNING A 5K! This is different...this is amazing.

It feels like I’m in better shape now than I was 10 years ago. It’s funny how many times in life we can be so close to our answers, so close to our solutions and give up right before climbing that last wall and trying that last thing. I knew there was something missing, only I didn't know it was missing. And now I'm good.

So, if you’re like me, then don’t lose hope. Keep trying until you find all the ingredients to your recipe for healing. For me, it was that last thing, the tiny insole from the unknown inventor on Kickstarter.

The Soul Insole Is So Revolutionary That It Is Already Being Sold As A Preventative And Post Injury Device In Doctor’s Offices Nationwide As Well As Comfort Shoe Stores Like Footwear etc., Foot Solutions, Birkenstock, and Specialty Sport Stores for Dancers, Soccer Players, Cyclists, Runners and Ice Skaters.

Do you want to know the reason this little insole, from a young female inventor on Kickstarter, solves the problem that no other insole out there could?

It's because we are all unique. Our feet are all different. Our shoe styles are all different. We can find a shoe that fits our foot and fits our style and activity of the moment, however most of these shoes just don’t have support. We can also find shoes that have support, but often these limited choices in comfort shoes don’t fit our unique foot shape or our unique style or the specific activity that we plan to do.

The shape and design of this
insole just worked...for me and for many others.

And once people found out, word of mouth spread. Simple as that.

The concept behind the insole is: rather than provide cushioning - which can crowd the shoes and change the way the shoe fits - it has a rocker bottom that drops off right before the forefoot bones and right before the heel to slightly suspend those bones. In doing so, it offloads pressure and redistributes the pressure more evenly across the foot. It also gives plenty of arch support to fill up that gap that you would usually have in a flat pair of shoes.

Experience the real thing.

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Or, you are welcome to start with just one pair and move it from shoe to shoe. 

Soul Insoles are Washable and Reusable - If dirty, just rinse with water and let dry. The adhesive regenerates and the insole looks new again!
 “The orthotics work great- I'd love to have some in all my shoes- have recently bought several pairs of PowerStep full length orthotics, but it's a nuisance to have to switch out the existing orthotics, and these often crowd the toe box. When all you need is Arch supports, your creation is so much easier and more useful/comfortable. I've been dealing with some tib ant tendonitis for 6 months and for the first time don't feel it now. Really easy to put in and comfy, thx!”

Ian Duncan MD - Orthopedic Surgeon

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  1. These look awesome! Thanks for sharing your story, I think they're worth a try for making my flats more comfy

    1. Glad to hear you enjoyed reading my story! Yes they're great for flats. Sorry for the late reply! Hope you're enjoying them like I do!

  2. I would like to veiw a photo pic of insoles please before buy ,have arwful feet pain